trans-disciplinary research & development

We don’t color inside the lines.

metaverse △ synthetic realities [AR, VR, XR] △ AI △ emerging media

about us

STRUQT B.V. is a trans-disciplinary media and interaction company, and a part of the EU Agency for the Space Programme ecosystem.
We are applying cutting-edge tech, scientific, and artistic methods to the domains of synthetic realities, machine learning, spatial computing, and emerging media.
STRUQT is developing an essential building block for the future hybrid reality (metaverse).

our approach

We believe that the metaverse should be an extension of reality and not a replacement.
It has an immense paradigm-shifting power to improve and enrich our lives and interactions.

Metaverse :: Augmented Reality (AR) :: Machine Learning
Immersive Technology :: Emerging Media :: Virtual Reality (VR)


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Predrag Koncar
Co-founder, CEO

Jens Vanmechelen
Co-founder, CTO

Pelle Simon
Senior Software Engineer

prof. Vera Lloyd-Thomas
Advisory Board, Market Strategy