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STRUQT is transdisciplinary lab founded by Predrag Koncar, MFA.
Our research is focused on the application of the advanced computational, mathematical and artificial intelligence methods within the domains of product design, synthetic realities and visual art. We are thriving at the intersection of technology & art.
STRUQT labs:
- Media Lab (art+tech, interaction, immersive tech)
- Industrial Innovation (applied science, software, product development, moonshots)
- Pure Research (curiosity-driven research, knowledge for the sake of knowledge)
STRUQT is a part of Autodesk's® Technology Impact Program and a member of Qeske community.
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We're working on inspiring projects
DJ act “Warface” hallmark - helmet
Electronics developed at PCiD (Qeske community). The eyes of the helmet are displaying animations and effects designed and developed at STRUQT. New upgraded helmet is currently being built as a cooperative project involving RepRapUniverse (3d printing & production), PCiD (hardware) and STRUQT (new features & production). New version will include accelerometer to detect head movements, bluetooth remote control and upgraded electronics and memory.
Beter / Vitale Limburgers
Zuyd University joined forces with a number of businesses (including STRUQT) in order to develop a Beter mobile application, which is a part of a wider initiative.
Vitality of citizens in Limburg deserves attention. Overweight and chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and rheumatism are becoming more common. However, a healthy, active lifestyle is difficult for many people to achieve. On the other hand, the tilt in health care requires citizens to take more responsibility for their own health. A healthy, active lifestyle ensures better individual health, lower healthcare costs and better independent functioning. 
Vital Citizens chooses a practical approach on two tracks:
1. Helping the citizens to adopt a vital lifestyle.
2. Training professionals to support the citizen in this lifestyle.
BETER in Balans is a new lifestyle program for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The program is tailored to each individual participant. Each participant receives tailor-made advice in the field of nutrition, exercise and mindset. The goal is to find a good balance so that complaints - such as pain and fatigue - reduce and the vitality increases. Participants are stimulated in the area of ​​self-direction and self-management so that the new lifestyle can also be sustained in the long term.

Lenco-MD: 21st century record player
World’s first 3D printed, modular record player. Project realised within Dutch innovation community Qeske, in cooperation with Lenco, RepRapUniverse, PCiD and Tom Luyten. After successful Kickstarter campaign, product is being prepared for the mass-production.
New macOS app that allows you to apply glitch art effects to your images.

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